Goldfinger And The Military Industrial Complex

Translated directly into German, Goldfinger is given to mean Mr. Gundelfinger, or some such name. If you are a fan of famous spy movies then you might recall that Goldfinger was one of the debonair but maverick spy master’s greatest rivals. Yes, James Bond certainly had his hands full when trying to extricate himself from the evil villain’s dangerous saber sharp lasers. This villain had a fetish for gold. Or in his devious nature, was there true science behind the use of gold in manufacturing dangerous weaponry.

Indeed there was. This is no fiction, you know. Still today, and more so today, gold is being used in the military industrial complex. Gold is also being used in numerous other industries, so much so that we hardly notice these things. Today, numerous commercial, industrial and consumer markets rely on processes to do with gold plating on plastic. Today, the military industrial complex remains heavily reliant on the use of gold and titanium in the production of some of the most lethal weapons known to mankind.

Goldfinger would have been so proud. Nevertheless, as we well know, the military is being used extensively to secure our borders and keep the world a safe place. The great English warlord, Winston Churchill, believed that leading nations with the world’s largest military personnel and most sophisticated arsenals could use the dangerous weapons as a deterrent to prevent evil-doers from committing atrocities on a mass scale.

Today, former US President, Ronald Reagan’s vision has also become a reality. Gold titanium production processes are not only used for the production of weaponry on the ground but also for use in outer space. As a communications and information hungry nation we can only appreciate what these space age technologies are achieving for us today.