Have Your Fortune Told Over The Phone

Well alright then. We may as well tell you this because it seems to be the case that most folks with mobile phones these days are online. Some of them are reading this note right now, so here is to seeing whether it can be of any good service. Once upon a time, the telephone was invented. And what was this ancient device used for? Well, that is quite correct; to make telephone calls. In later years, phones were developed in such a way that we could post trunk calls to long lost love ones across the world. And today, that day has already arrived.

The time has already come that we could just possibly make an extremely long-distance call to someone or something in outer space. But of course, not all of you reading this believe that this is possible. Some of you do, and we are glad about that. To believe in things like love takes a whole lot of faith. It is such a poor pity that not everyone has this gift. Make your lives easier and a lot less lonely by using the mobile devices for one of the main purposes it was intended for. Phone someone you know already. Phone someone you love or admire.

Psychic by phone, by all means, and especially if this is really necessary. It is necessary for those of you who are bereft of love. Physics have gifts and powers that the rest of us mere mortals will never have nor understand. No matter how deeply spiritual they may be, they still have use for the good old telephone. It is a lot better than the distant and voiceless and soulless echo of the internet wires. Is there anyone out there? Hello; can you hear me?